Straight hair products you need to try

Many people believe that straight hair care is minimal, but not quite. Every type of yarn needs some kind of special attention and with straight hair it would be no different. That is why we brought today a variety of products for straight hair that you cannot miss in your day to day. You can believe that, after trying them, your locks will never be the same, it's pure love! For more references, check out: best shampoo to keep hair straight

Best shampoos for straight hair

It is no use choosing any shampoo for straight hair when washing them. You need to take into account the characteristics of your yarn and what kind of result you are looking for. Check out some options of incredible shampoos developed for your hair.

Shampoo for smooth “drained” effect

The Shampoo Meu Liso Muito + Liso , besides cleaning the hair, promotes an extremely smooth effect. It is perfect for those who, even though they are straight, love perfectly aligned and smooth hair. This little product also promotes deep hydration, as it is enriched with corn starch, wheat protein and amino acids.

Shampoo for ultra shiny smooth effect

Another very popular effect among straight hairs is that very shiny hair. Therefore, a product that you should try is the Meu Liso Brilho Shampoo that offers a varnish effect. In addition to an enviable shine, it also moisturizes to the right extent, as it contains pearl extract, d-panthenol and argan in the composition.

Shampoo for damaged straight hair

If you have damaged straight hair, either by discoloration, coloring, straightening or abuse of heat tools such as a hairdryer and straightener, it is time to invest in a good product that rebuilds the hair fiber while cleaning, such as the Shampoo My Smooth Restoration Intense , which fights 7 extreme damage to the hair, which are: fragile hair, split ends, dryness, frizz, elasticity, breakage and opacity.

Shampoo for dry straight hair

Straight hair is naturally more hydrated than curly or curly hair, for example, but that does not mean they do not need hydration. That's because moisturizing the hair is an essential care that we should all have, regardless of the type of hair. Just be careful not to invest in very heavy products that end up leaving your hair very oily. Our recommendation is the Shampoo Maria Natureza Coconut Milk and Monoi Oil that promotes strong hydration without weighing the hair, as it is suitable for all types of hair.

Shampoo for straightened hair

Straightened hair needs specific care, so the ideal is to invest in products that contain assets capable of not only rebuilding the hair fiber, but also promoting the nutrients necessary for your health. So try the Smooth and Smooth Avocado Shampoo that strengthens and recovers the structure of the hair .

Shampoo for oily smooth hair

Oily straight hair needs cleaning that cleans the scalp well, but without drying out. It is also necessary that the chosen shampoo moisturizes gently without weighing the hair. After all, oily hair cannot look even more greasy, but it also needs hydration. For this, bet on the SOS Pump Detox Shampoo that reduces the oiliness of the hair in 7 days, however, it does not dry out and moisturizes its tips to the right extent.

Nourishing shampoo for straight hair

Straight hair also needs nourishment on a daily basis, especially if it has chemicals or if there is a constant use of straightener and dryer. This is because these factors remove the nutrients present in the hair, making the necessary replacement. Therefore, our diquinha is to use the Shampoo Maria Natureza Poder das Castanhas suitable for all types of hair.